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Russian pharmaceutical market is one of the TOP 10 markets in terms of sales and is one of the key markets in developing countries. The Russian market is of interest to pharmaceutical manufacturers not only for its volume, but also for ability to get a quick result with moderate investment. However, it is important to pay attention, that Russian market have several features, without knowledge of which, you can lose your time and investment, but not achieve the desired result.

DuoPharm professional team ready to facilitate your success in Russian market and offers services in all phases of sales: selection of medical products for entering in the market, calculation of the required investment and the period of payback, recommendations for choosing a logistics partner, contracting with pharmacy networks, advice in pricing, advice on the selection of promotion team. DuoPharm has many years of experience in promotion Rx and OTC brands and in government purchase. Start your way to success on the pharmaceutical market of Russia with DuoPharm.

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